Need netbook selection help


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I am in the market for a new netbook, but I'm having trouble making my final descision. I've narrowed it down to a few models.

In no particular order:

I really want the 11" screen. Operating system doesn't matter, prob gonna install Win 7 anyway. I will be using the netbook for web browsing, photo editing, basic html coding and such. Battery life in the 5 + hours range will suffice, although the more the merrier.

Any advice is appreciated. I'm also open to suggestions other than the models I've listed.

Around $400 is my budget, but I could prob go a little higher is required.


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dont get the ASUS because it has half the RAM of the rest. i would recommend searching up reviews for the rest of them


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I have the aspire one(atom) and i havent had any major issues with it and id buy another one. Ive had it for about a year and the only issue i had was with the power cord. Other then that they are real easy to take apart, and mine likey windows7 :)