Need MSN patch (ad remove, poly)

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Hey back on the old 0.777 version of MSN I had a patchcalled Ghost making MSN look so sleek 'n' fresh.

Disable My Space
Disable MSN Today
Disable Tabs
Disable Ads/search bar

..... To cut a long story short it made MSN look a lot nicer, no skins just not ads and rubbish.

Untill one day .... they relesed patch 7.0.0816 now I can't use it!!

Does anyone have/suggest one?

I don't want to install anything.

I checked didn't find anything. :(


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there are still few addons for messenger 7 because it is so new. I have looked too, so far pretty much the only good one I have found for 7 is Plus!
it won't do the things you mentioned though :(

the site seems to be down, you'll have to seach google or wait


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yes, many of the features I found to be pretty much useless, but it's one of the very few who are ready for 7..
if you have sometime, its always worth a google search though ;)