Need ideas for mic


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I'm filming a short film next week, and I have a new mic boom that's a better concept than my first mic boom (which was a hockey stick with foam between the mic and stick, taped on the end of the stick). This idea is from the same concept as what is used in pro mic booms. I didn't make it, a friend made it and then had no use for it and gave it to me.

It works a lot better, but I still have a problem. The mic I use has a little rubber thing at the end of it to keep the wire from getting bent too far a breaking, like most electronics. But the rubber thing rubs on the cord and the sound comes up of the rubbing when recording if the boom is moved around, and that isn't good. I've been trying to think of ways to keep that immediate area on the cord still so that it doesn't rub, but haven't been able to come up with a solution without sound being picked up through the boom stick to the cord or whatever. The original design worked because it had a cord running through the stick and you attach the mic to the end, but my mic has a long cord, and that cord it came with ended up being messed up anyway. If I run the cord though the stick it will pickup sound for sure... Any ideas?

I know one idea is to just keep the boom still and it won't rub, but I can't hold the boom and use the video camera at the same time. I can tell someone to keep the mic still as possible, but I know they will start moving it because I've told them on past films and noise from them moving around was still present in the recording... This will be my last longer film probably, so I want it to be the best quality possible.

Pics for reference.