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Ok, im not sure if you guys can help me, or if i even posted in the right section but, im having problems with my computer, dont ask exactly what because im a noob and i dont know. The problem occures during extracting files, scanning for virus, spyware etc. My CPU usage flies up like crazy to around 70-90% and it takes about 15 mins to extract a basic 1.5 gig tar/rar file.

I took some stats from mirc while extracting a file and and while not

The following is while extracting:
(CPU) 1-Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 1.80GHz, 7868MHz, 512KB (70% Load) .:. (RAM) usage: 190/512MB (37.11%) .:. (GFX) RADEON 9600 SERIES - Secondary, (Display) 1024x768/32bit/60Hz

Notice 1.80GHz, 7868MHz how can 1.8 gigs be 7868 MHz

This is while doing regular stuff:

(CPU) 1-Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 1.80GHz, 1817MHz, 512KB (0% Load) .:. (RAM) usage: 184/512MB (35.94%) .:. (GFX) RADEON 9600 SERIES - Secondary, (Display) 1024x768/32bit/60Hz

everything seems normal and runs normal speed.
I thought at first it could be a driver im missing but now im not so certain
Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.


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dude, 1.5 gigs is a lot to handle for a CPU. Your PC is just fine, it's normal, don't worry.

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If you want you can check the startup menu , So you know all that is running at start & running in the background by MSCONFIG.

When was the last time you ran a defrag of your hhd (harddrive) ?? if it's been awhile, you can do it

in safemode...running it in safe mode does a faster
defrag, cuz you don't have to diable the anti-virus. :p


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I will try and defrag but i have tried this before and it did not help. And i guess 1.5 gigs is quite a bit but 15-25 mins? it used to take me maybe 5 mins max to extract.