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Hey guys so I wandering if you could help me with some speed issues.

So first I will start with my system:

Asus P4C-800 Deluxe
Intel Pentium 4, 3.4 ghz (not overclocked)
1 gb Dual Kingston ram (2x512mb)
BFG Nvidia Geforce 6800GT (overclocked)
two hard-drives (120gb+200gb)
and a 450w power supply (i think or its 400w lol)

So basically I have a reasonable system right?

So what seems to happen is when i start my computer, and i check how much ram im using, it says im already using 360 mb ALREADY! I do start it up with a few programs (like 4 or 5), but they dont take up that much ram.

I also noticed while running my computer normally, that explorer takes up 30mb of ram and so does Rtvscan (anti-virus) whilst firefox takes up between 30-150mb of ram.

This is when I have a lot of programs open so you can say just dont open anything. So I closed everything except my antivirus, my UPS program and Daemon tools, had winamp running and opened Fifa 2006 and it lagged like a *****!

Anyway so I know my computer should be much faster and more capable of running more programs so what can I do?
run a bench mark program like Hardinfo and post all the results of the following:
a)hard drive

also any specific settings you have made e.g:
a) memory increased from 333MHz to 400MHz set in bios
b)cpu overclocked from 3.0GB to 3.4GB using a software app
Will do that, and i mentioned any overclocking in my post, my cpu is a 3.4 ghz P4 and is NOT overclocked but my BFG geforce 6800FX is factory overclocked if they makes sence, i haven't touched anything on my computer.

Im off to run a bench mark...
Alright so i got some REALLY bad results out of this.

a) CPU: Well, I guess 20% through my system just turned itself off (may be part of another tech prob ppl are having with my mobo). Im not running that test again until i can get my mobo fixed.

b) HD: My exact hard drive was shown there as an example (WD 200GB JD S-ATA 8M)

The program showed that their hard-drive got a score of 24.51, mine got close with 22.34, and its an IDE hard drive!

MY WINDOWS HARD DRIVE: My windows hard drive is a WD 120GB S-ATA 8M. It got a score of 9.30 (not a mistake)

c) RAM: I don't know how to benchmark it and everything i can see on the program is what i can see in task manager...

RE: The 'other' problem
My computer shuts itself down when cpu usage is up (and it happened before and after a changed my power supply). When i try to turn it back it on i get: System failed CPU Test message. Then i get overclocking failed and it gave me an option of either keeping my current options or changing them...
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