Need help with vid card.

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Prob with DirectX 8 (Ive got DX9)

Ive had this problem before, and I fixed it.

Prob is that my my Direct X 8 doesnt work. I have installed 9.0 of DX and when ever I goto dxdiag it says 9.0blahblahblah

anyway, I reinstalled all the Nvidia Drivers (41.09) and the DirectX9 Redistribution Installtion. I am currently runing windows XP SP1.

Also in DXdiag when I run the diognostic, DirectDraw works, DirectX 9 works, but when ever It goes to DirectX 8 3d Acceleration Test it fails.

Failed at Step 5 (GetDeviceCaps):HRESULT = 0x8876086a (3D not available)

Another thing is that the software is telling me that it cannot find a direct x compatible Video card (it didnt say that several days ago, and I got a GeForce)

Please help.
the GeForce card really doesn't have probs with the direct X 8 version of the drivers...try uninstalling all the video drivers and reboot and then reinstall again with the direct x setup and all

This always works...its kinda getting the old drivers refreshed even though you are reinstalling the same version of the drivers again.
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