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I have Windows XP Pro and several sound cards to try. Each Sound card is giving me the same problem. They install and are "working properly" but the properties tell me the "drivers are enabled but not started"
How Do I Start them?

Please Help, I am going nuts trying!!!:confused:
Did you enable them by right clicking the sound card (Device Manager) and going into properties?

If they are enabled and not working, you may have to check for IRQ/resource conflicts.
Everything is enabled and there are no IRQ conflicts. I have went through the registry and even installed xp home edition as well, XP Home has sound but not XP Professional.
Sorry, the main sound card is AC 97, AKA SIS 7012 built into a PCChips Mainboard.
Hmm, flashing your motherboard's BIOS is usually a good start, or if your motherboard manufacturer has provided any audio drivers, use those as well.
I was having the same problem and I tried a shot gun approach, since I couldn't find a solution, and I got it to work! Basically, I put the WindowsXP Pro. cd in the computer and restarted the comptuer. I proceeded with the "normal" installation of the OS and at one point I selected to "reinstall" or "restore" of the OS, I selected "R". Somewhere along the way it asked for the administrator's password. It continued as it did the very first time it was installed, but it just fixed the system and started the devices. I rebooted at the end of the installation and entered one of the user accounts and everything is working fine.

Just to be on the safe side, I backed up all my critical data prior to doing anything.

Good luck,

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