need help with sharing connections !! plz


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ok i got 2 computers

-1 old PC running Windows 98 (only has line and phone input for dial up)

-A Windows XP Media Center 2005 laptop that is connected wirlessly to a wirless router

i want to wire the internet enabled laptop to the old PC with either a usb or a normal phone cord to give the old PC internet access

plzzzz ! help ! im new with this !

(and i do have an msn dial up account because i use to connect the PC to the phone line)


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You could try putting in an ethernet PCI card in your 98 machine if there are PCI slots available ... then plugging it directly into your wireless router via an available LAN port.


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unless the old pc has usb or ethernet connectivity you are a bit screwed :p
usb pci cards are cheap enough, or just get an ethernet one (much better).