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Gidday!, just a couple of questions, ive installed nero 5.5 and i cant seem to be able to burn any thing. On the multi session tab all the options are blanked out, not allowing me to start a multi session cd.
The other question is on the burn tab it hasn't got the box where you choose the writting speed.
Ive tried a couple of times to lay a burn down when it's like this and it asks me to save image. I save it and it runs through the simulation and writes, but there's nothing on the cd.
If any one can help me out it would be much appreciated.

What does it say as the source? Is it detecting your burner and cdrom drive? Can you burn cd's ok using other software?
I had my computer in the shop to fit a new hard drive, so they installed every thing back onto the hard drive. I can install games with my burner and cd rom so far as I know everything should be detected.
As what it say's as the source I dont quite know what you mean?
I dont have any other burning software.
Im new to computers and burning so I dont know to much about it.

try downloading Fireburner and CDrWin and try burning it then..
also, what kind of burner is it? and did you got Nero with burner when bought it?
I will take a guess.. you have a version of Nero that is intended for a particular CD writer... enter one serial number and you can't select your burner... enter amother and you can. Yes.. when you have the wrong serial.. all the 'Make CD' buttons are greyed out.. you are only allowed to make an 'Image to HD',, not to actually burn a CD.. and thus it looks like everything is okay.. until you try to read your blank CD... it has not even attempted to burn.. just make an image on your HD.

you need this... give me time...
This... you may get the same message when selecting your burner.. if so.. gen a new serial


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Thanks for your help everyone. I will Give the key gen a shot and I will let you know how it goes Cadfael.

Well, problem solved. Thanks Cadfael (check your pm) and thanks to the others for your input.


Ps. what do I do now, do I delete this thread or not.
you can't delete a thread even if you want to :) you can only delete your own messages..
anyways, thanks for the convern, and there is no need of thread deletining.. solution offered for every problem may become helpful for an other one day.. :)
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