Need Help with getting a video editing computer.

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Ok my uncle wants to build a computer for video editing and writing to dvd. Just very basic low end video editing. It won't be used for games or overclocked at all and hes on a very tight budget like $300 to $400. Recommendations on sites that I could get from or parts to build one would be great.

Would intergrated graphics be okay?
Is a sempron or celeron okay?
How important is L2 cache
what kind of parts should I look for?

I set up the Value XP Elite 4000 on to be Amd Sempron 3000 (don't know the mhz or cache)
MSI K7N2GM-V mobo
256mb pc 3200 ram
on board graphics
cd burner
80gb hd
Total: $240

Then we were going to swap in a NEC dvd burner and a set of matching ram sticks. I figured would be around another $140 and then sell the 256mb ram chip. Probably put in some harddrives we have. But I don't know if a sempron or intergrated graphics would be good.


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if ur going to be doing video editing, get at least 1 gig of RAM. And no, celerons are crap. i dont know anything about semprons. If u want to put in some extra cash, get a Nvidia Quadro FX card. they are specificlly designed for workstation type tasks


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Celeron ds match up with semprons. sempron 3100 performs about the same as celeron d 3.06 ghz. I don't know why people keep dissing the celeron ds.
As for your question, try not to get integrated graphics. Try at least to get a 60 dollar video card. Processor/mobo can be had for around 200 dollars. You can use the power supply that comes with the case which should be around 50 bucks. Ram is like 40 bucks for a stick of 512. Thats all he needs if he has is own monitor/keyboard/mouse/and OS.
Hd and dvd burner add up to 100.


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AMD Sempron Palmero 2800+ $86

MSI K8N NEO3-F Socket 754
NVIDIA nForce4 ATX AMD Motherboard- $75

Giel Value ram 512MB(2x 256)-$45

Video card- Ati radeon X300 SE HM-$55

Hard drive- SeaGate 80 MB 8MB Cache 7200RPM SATA hard drive-$65

Cd Drive- NEC Dvd burner-$50

Case Antec Case with 300 watt power supply (SLK2600AMB)- $60 dollars

Adds up to 436 dollars. Without monitor/keyboard/os/speakers. If your really worried about price, then you can make cuts in these areas.

The video card can be downgraded to Geforce 6200TC 128 MB. Hard drive can be 40 or 60 gigs. Cd drive can be a low cost one that is 40 dollars. Those cuts will roughly save you 40 dollars. With this setup, you will be able to overclock slightly. Yes, you said you wouldn't be overclocking, but free performance is hard to pass up, and it will speed things up. You can also play some moderetly speced games on it. Nothing big like doom3, but wow on moderate settings will run pretty well.

If you really want a cheapo computer, get a mobo with onboard everything that will retail for 60 bucks, a sempron 2600+, which goes for 70 bucks, a 40 Gb hard drive, a cheapo case, and 512 mb of some cheapo ram.
Will equal roughly 270-290 dollars. Then get a Crt monitor for 100 dollars, and a keyboard/mouse combo for 15. That will be around 400 dollars, but not including the Os.

Finally, there is a third option. Get a 400 dolalr dell.


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dario03 said:
What would be better a celeron or a sempron?

For video a celeron (D)

However I highly recomend getting a low end pentium 4, like a 2.4

I will make a little config tonight <-_->
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