Need Help W/ AMD proccessor

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hey don't know if this is the site to ask for help, but i could realy use some. i just built myself a computer
Athlon xp 2200+
soyo Kt333 Dragon ultra platinum edition
1 gig DDR ram
Geforce 4 ti 4600
windows XP(ya i know i'm working on getting linux installed)

the problem i'm having is that whenever i clock the chip to a 133 front side bus speed, it goes into a perpetual restart mode. it'll load to about the screen that lets you chose your profile then restarts. because the front bus needs to be at 100, the chip is running at 1.35 Ghz, not 1.8. i need more SPEED :) I'm completely lost. do i need another proccessor?
any help would be greatly appreciated. either a response on the board or to my email. thanks a lot :)

dont know if this helps, but go into our bios and find a part where is says cpu voltage and up it i bit by bit until it works, if your comp freezes pull the battery out for a while and start again.
remember:) watch your temps, more volts equals more heat:p
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