Need help selecting parts for a new rig


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Hey, I used to frequent this forum a lot, but I've sort of fallen out of touch, and I'm not really up to date with parts anymore, especially when it comes to processors and motherboards. I'm thinking about buying a new rig to replace the one in my sig within the next month or so, I'm wondering if there's any new developments in the areas of GPU/CPU/Mobo that I should be on the look out for and if I should maybe wait a while longer before I go ahead and build this thing, I'd want it to be around 800 dollars and preferably last me another 4 years at least like the computer in my sig has. Thanks !


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Well AMD now has Phenom II (AM3) 45 nm CPU's and match them with their SB750+FX790 chipsets and you've got a very nice rig.

Likewise Intel now have their Core i7 range of CPU's to match with either the X58 (for Bloomfield CPU) or P55 (for Lynnfield CPU), chipsets.