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Hey Guys,

I need a little help. I am having a hard time trying to advertise my site. All the ways I have found are very costly, and I am trying to look for a low-cost marketing. This site is fairly new and is not fully fuctioning right now, but I want to start marketing it right now. Please help and advise on how I can do this.

This is the Site I am trying to advertise: Http://

Feel free to also check it out.


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First of all, your website may be new, but there is nothing attractive about it. There are also spelling & grammatical mistakes in your text.

Renovate your website. Apply a good background. Bring your website in centre position and give attention to your text especially to your spellings and grammar.Try to get good content.
This may seem a long job, but your site will automatically generate some attention if it is appealing.
If you want to market your site, here are few tips:
1. Put the links of your site on popular sites, some sites allow free links displayed on their web page. So some of their traffic may route on your page.
2. Try to put common keywords on your site, so that your site will come first when someone puts a keyword in search engine, your page will come up first. In short try SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
3. Publish your website’s info in free ezines, the magazine version of internet. Many ezines are published daily, weekly or monthly basis.That will give good exposure to your site.:)


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Hey there,

Everybody's gotta start somewhere. Start simple and then build complexity as you get more familiar with scripting. As far as getting traffic to your site, you're probably going to want to get a domain name first. In case you don't know, a domain name is the thing.

Using a free web space will limit your ability to get traffic, and Im not even sure they'll allow that much traffic. The hosting company I work for is usually pretty inviting to new comers, so if you buy a domain I can get you a free account on one of our shared servers free of charge. No catch I promise. It'll be more legitimate that way and you'll have more success in getting traffic.

If you have any questions about anything else related to hosting or websites or anything at all feel free to email me or message me. Good luck.


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hello Varun9248,
if you want to advertise your site very well be sure to build your site first and finish 90% of its work coz if visitors come to a blank page they well never come back again
also try to have non free web hosting coz as Mr jetway said "Using a free web space will limit your ability to get traffic, and Im not even sure they'll allow that much traffic"
also you have to study well what will your site introduce to visitors is it a personal web site, medical, science or whatever
if you have more questions or need any help in hosting and marketing your site feel free to contact me
thank you