Need help on 'How to copy gifs/jpg from my computer to CDR or CDRW?

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Sorry...I just can't do it. :)
(I've been using floppies forever & they just don't store much - now I have a new Computer
and just can't figure it out)
Would like to just take several 'gif/jpg pics'
I have stored in a file on my C drive and
save them to a CDR or a CDRW?
(do I need to format - I figured that out, but
don't know if it is necessary).
Am doing fine using a digital camera and copying/formatting/finalizing and using those pics.
Thank you in advance. :confused:
It is necessary to me that you will explain me the problem, please (I know it was solved.. but I need to understand).
Please do explain it to me, cause I couldn't understand what you tried to do and what didn't run fine..
Hi - I was trying to 'write' on a CDR/CDRW -
had images stored on my c drive and couldn't get
them to copy on the disks.
I found I had .gifs, jpgs and sound waves for
mini-clips all on the same cdrw disk - for some
reason two computers would not pull any of the info up with these mixed types.
Thanks again. :)
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