Need help NTFS -> Fat32

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I just installed windows back on the laptop becuase i need some stuff for work....(and my digital camera) butttt......I want to be able to access my windows file when i put redhat 9 back i was wondering if there's any way of converting my drive from NTFS to Fat32 ??? Is this possible, or am i living in a dream world?
The recover cd i installed winders back on the laptop with didn't let me choose if i wanted Fat32 by the way, if that's what your suggestion was :)
well look at that, solved my own prob. Partition Magic 8.0 works wonders ;)
hmmm... usually Linux can read NTFS systems. It works on mine. I got Mandrake 9.0
ok...i didnt want to make another topic so i will ask here

My boy says that NTSF hard drives over a certain amount shouldn't be turned to that true?
NTFS is simply a different file system... however it is true that FAT32 has never been created to support the HDs over aout 40 Gigs I think
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