Need help..... my internal PC fan is extremely noisy

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I have a Dell PC..... an Optiplex GX280.

When i first turn it on the fan is audible, but not terrible.

However, when I try to run anything the fan will kick into maximum overdrive. It sounds like a **** jet plane takeoff. It sounds like it is spinning extremely fast and it is also extremely loud.

Is there something I can do about this? Can I change the settings so that it will not spin so fast? Also, can I do something to make it less noisy? Is there some way to lubricate these things?


What if the root cause of my problem is my computer itself thinking that it is overheating and telling the fan to come on?

I am fine purchasing a new fan and installing it if that is the best solution. But I would hate to install a new fan and then that does not solve the root problem.


Yeah, this could be a matter of the computer actually overheating. Is it?

SpeedFan should be able to tell you what the temperatures are.

What motherboard/socket is the computer? (You can use CPU-Z from to determine this).

If it's overheating, I suggest a new heatsink and fan, or possibly just reseating the current one, with new thermal paste.
You right on the mark about finding the root cause instead of just changing the fan.

Its most likely the 2 things.

1) you're overheating, and could be a couple reasons. Most likely its dirty. You've probably not cleaned out the dust. Depending on the age, the thermal paste between cpu and fan could be dry.

2) You've been warm for awhile, and the fan is wearing out now.

So, as 95 said, use speedfan, or hardware monitor to check your temperatures, and open your case and check how dirty the fans are.

Thats step 1 and free.
Just to clarify........ there are two issues

1 - the fan seems to spin too fast
2 - when the fan does start spinning it is overly squeeky/noisy

Honestly, I could live with point #1 if I could somehow fix point #2.

I do not think that my computer is actually hot. Perhaps it thinks that it is hot but it is not. I say that because even if I leave it off all night and then turn it on in the morning and try to run anything then the fan kicks into super high gear immediately. Also, if I turn it off and then back on the fan will stay low if I am not running anything.

I am fairly experienced with cracking open my computer and working on it but this is more difficult than I expected.

If I figure something out I will let you know.

By Default the fan is set to spin faster when the PC hit's a certain Temperature. If it's trying to spin faster when you attempt to do something then perhaps it's Hot. If it's squeaky and noisy then the Fan is damaged and needs to be replaced. This is your problem. When the PC is not doing anything then the damaged fan is spinning slower so you don't hear it but it's barely keeping the cpu below the heat threshold. Replace the Fan, if it's built into the heatsink you'll need to buy a new Heatsink Assembly. Tell use more about your PC and well help you find the required replacement parts.
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