need help for selling things but what?


What can I sell on Ebay in UK for a good seller? I need something small not to big because I'll be ordering possibly a few thousand's from china.

I need a good seller that will go fast .

Rep 1+ to who ever thinks of a good purchase for people.



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Cheap Asian MP3 players would be good. iPod lookalikes. Fake brand name clothes/accessories/shoes like Armani, Gucci, etc make a ton of money. DVDs could work too.


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I bought my motorbike from an importer that bought in a crate of a few hundred and sold then off to individuals.

I think he pays something like £400 per unit, and they can be sold at anywhere between £600 and £1000 depending on whether you register and tax them ready to go.

or mp3 players.
computer monitors.
personal GPS units.

remember that with DVD's there will be region control and you may get your auction pulled for selling grey imports.

personally I wouldn't go with anything 'fake' cause there has been a lot in the news recently about the companies of official merchandise cracking down on fake sales. you could end up with a pallet load of fake handbags that you can't get rid of on ebay.


thnx guys, i can't order a thousand Asian MP3 players but i'll order around 10 to see how it goes but not right now I have to talk with my boss as he wants me to sell things on ebay and also do my work aswell which im training in, like a nice little earner