Need help fast, will high density ram hurt my computer?


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Hey all. I just registered to this site and I just wanna first say thanks to anyone who can help me .

Heres my question...I have 512mb of ram on my Compaq Presario 5330us and I want to upgrade to 1024. This computer is capable of 1536mb. So heres my dilemma:
I know nothing when it comes to ram. I did some reasearch and found that this compaq requires a 168 pin 133mhz chip thats SDram. So i went on ebay and purchased one. Here are its stats:
512MB 64MX64
PC133 133Mhz, 168 pin SDRAM
Unbuffered, Non ECC, Non Registered.
7.5ns, 3.3v, CL 3 or CL 2
64x4 High Density Chip.

After i purchased it and did alittle more reasearch I found that some computers cannot use high density chips . But since my compaq can hold 512mb's of ram in each slot (It has 3 slots) can't I use high density chips? All i wanna know is, can that chip possibly work with what I have.
I emailed Compaq Support and they said it may not work and it not hurt the motherboard. Though, many other people have told me the worst thing that could happen would be for my pc not to boot until I remove the ram. Personally i think Compaq just wants me to spend the 200 bucks they charge for their ram...but i dont wanna risk hurting my computer. Could the ram actually hurt my computer???
Would it hurt my computer if I try it and it does not work?

Thanks so incredibly much everyone. I truly appreciate it.


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I doubt it will hurt your computer, but RAM tends to operate a lot better when all of them are the same. Which means it might have been a smart idea to go with the one Compaq is offering. While the price is a slight ripoff, it will make your computer run smooth because both of the RAM cards will be the same. Another option would be to buy two brand new cards (not off ebay if it were me), i'd say that would cost you 150 for good DDR cards.