Need help deciding on processor


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I am looking into getting a netbook for christmas, and with my budget, I have narrowed it down to a few models all with different processors.

I am open to other suggestions however, $400 is about what my budget can handle.

The processors are the intel atom N270, intel celeron su2300, and intel celeron m 743

Will the 1.2 ghz dual core celeron be faster than a single core 1.6ghz atom with slower fsb?

These are the specific models I am looking at, Acer Aspire AS1410, the HP Mini 311, and the Gateway EC1435u.

I will be using it for web browsing, basic web design, basic photo editing and streaming video from netflix or hulu to my tv.

Most should have enough battery life for my needs and I will probably upgrade to windows 7 and either 2gb or 3gb of ram depending on the model.

All help is appreciated!



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Windows 7.0 on an atom is gonna be rough lol. Never been a big fan of netbooks. I would suggest just waiting till day after thanksgiving and get one of these 399$ Intel Dual core, 3-4gbs ddr2, 250-320gb hdd, windows 7.0 14.1-15.4" screens. Same price you're looking to spend,, plus the perks of a dvd rw, or a dvd or cd drive period lol. If you do go with the netbook, get the hp mini.