Need help buying a notebook


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Hi, i was wonderin if anyone could help me find a really powerful notebook that also has room to upgrade in the future. Any help would be really nice, here are the specs for what id like.

AMD or Intel, whichever u think is better at 3 ghz at least

1 gig

hard drive:
60 gigs at least (preferably at 7200rpm)

Video card:
at least 128 mb, and whatever brand u think is best

LCD screen:
anythin thats good for gaming

as far as ports go, 3 USB, firewire, pc card slot, memory card slot, and all the other video and audio basics

Price range:
anything under 2,000

Sumthin top of the line like the Sager 8790 would be nice, but its too expensive (im only 14, my parents arent gonna let me get anything over 2,000). I cant get anything as extreme as alienware or voodoo or anything. besides, i heard they all buy their stuff from the same company. Basically, i want the most decked out notebook i cant get for under 2,000. For any help, i can reward u with....eternal friendship. thanks


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mmmm.... dell has pretty good notebooks. I bought one a month and a half ago, with 2.3 ghz CPU, 128 graphics, 60gig HD, 256 RAM, and a really really nice sound system for only 1,200. Now to upgrade that ram and CPU, you still have 800 bucks left, so I'm sure you can find a solution there. I dont like Dell Desktops, but their notebooks are good. You can also try IBM if you need more quality and less weight and stuff, but they're pretty expensive, i'm not sure what the price would be.

By the way on this dell notebook I'm using, the Inspiron 8600, can run Unreal Tournament 2004 without a problem, though i definitaly need a RAM upgrade, because I go slow on the internet.

Hope that helped :D.