Need Help/Advice for New Comp


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I don't have much experience with computers so bear with me.

I am getting a computer for my bday so I need to tell my parents what to

-needs to be a desktop
-most I can spend is 700 USD and that's pushing it, cheaper is better
-I really only need to run on a games medium settings
-I am not looking to build at this point, so prebuilt, or a website that I chose specifics for
-I am only really going to play HL:2 TF:2 CS etc. And Fallout 3 so keep that in mind
-also if you hive tips please include a link to the website where you found it so I can
buy it from there if necessary, or link me to a site that I can build it with your specs.

Any additional advice would help.

If you got question post here, I'll be around for another hour or so