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I've heard a whole bunch of times that a 700 or 800 mhz computer can pretty much handle most of what people usually use a computer for. It was said that this will be true for some time to come. If this is true, why should people feel the rush to go out an purchase a computer with intels latest megaleap in spead? What's the real difference between a 3.0 ghz machine with 256mb of ram and a 1.5 ghz machine with 1 gb of ram? :confused:
its the need to get the best possible machine.. MORE POWER!! *grunts like tim taylor on home improvement

Sure i have an 1800+xp athlon, do i need it?? naw. .its just because i wanted the best specs for my computer when i purchased all the parts and put it together.

also, you never know what programs, that are more hardware dependant, might be coming out in the future.
Hmmm, higher speed for the CPU allows job processing to be faster. Having higher RAM allow more task to be done, with lesser dependency on Paging of ur Hdd. Also, More RAM shorten the time require for the Paging File of the OS to relay the info to the CPU. But, a 3Ghz machine with 256MB in general case will run faster than a 1.5Ghz with 1GB RAM. The latter, relatively more stable when it comes to loading more applications or services.
Having a high speed CPU is only to have the best possible configuration at best prices....or to have the fastest computer in your much speed is not really needed..
Why are you comparing a 3.06 with 256MB to a 1.5 with 1G
The 1.5 is going to run slower because it has alot more memory to scan through. The difference between a 3.06 and a 1.5 with the same amount of memory noticably in programs and video games would be nothing unless your running something very extensive on it of course.
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