Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

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Been a while since I was on the forums, and when I saw this section, I thought I would contribute of currently one of my favorite games. I'm going to be covering NFS: Hot Pursuit 2.

NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 is basically the same Need For Speed that many of us have been playing for years, but with new challenges and new aspects to the game. The biggest of these new features in this NFS is the "Hot Pursuit" feature. Those who played the original NFS: HP know what this is, but for those who don't, it's basically you get chased by the cops for speeding in races. You try to evade the cops anyway you can, whether it be speeding away, or pushing the cop car into the wall. If you succede in evading the cops, you get points for your NFS bank...............if you get caught you lose the race. All other NFS aspects are in here, including a much improved career type mode.

The game is very easily played, but once you start getting into the harder races of the career mode, your driving skills are put to the test. I've found one of the best techniques is to do a more drift-style racing, for those who know what that is. This entails Letting off the throttle and turning into the turn. This may cause the backend of your car to swing, but it is easily corrected and you come out of turns faster than the computer cars that brake and take the turn as it is normally driven.

I found gameplay to vastly improve when I used my Logitech Formula GP racing wheel. The steering can be tweaked, and these tweaks pay off alot. None of the tracks are incredibly hard once you get used to the handling of the cars (They're all very similar), but you get more realistic handling and smoother turns resulting in faster times.

The game benefits ALOT from a high end machine. Before I upgraded, I was running an Nvidia TNT2...........I was lucky if I got 20fps. Now that I've got a Ti4800SE ( :D ), the game runs very smooth. An interesting thing is that with the level of graphic quality, the faster the car you drive, the faster the system you better have or you will probably experience some lag.

I am obsessed with this game, so obviously I will say that it is incredible and you should all buy it, but that's up to you. Go buy/download/borrow it and see for yourself :)
hey anybody know how to (if you can) do two player in this game?

seemed like it was saying u could but i couldnt undeerstand how:angry:
You mean a two player on the same screen on a PC? Don't think so, but I'm sure you can do a LAN game.

NFS HP2 is the best of the NFS series!!!
NFS Underground is the best of the NFS "trilogy" hands-down...
Um... NFS HP2 was ok when it was new but now I think it sucks compared to pretty much any other good racing game...
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