Need advice on hacking a PNY 5900

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I have a Nvidia PNY 5900 video card, and I have discovered this card can be upgraded to a 5950 ultra by using a 5950 bios.


I have tried to overclock this card before (to get a higher FPS in splinter cell) and got bad results - textures in many games were "whacked out." I used the coolbits Nvidia tweaker to overclock it.

Right now, my card is at factory conditions and has been for a very long time. That means it's running at 400 core, 800(850?) memory.

The site claims this hack will jack my card up to 475/950. Not a bad improvement, but it does claim this can diable / muck up the TV out and VIVO functions, depending on card and bios. Good thing I'm not using either.

My card's current temp is 46 C (GPU).

Here's what I want to know:

1. Will this work, provided I follow all instructions?

2. This procedure has a backup, but will it fry my card to hack it? (Overclocking it myself, back when I was very stupid, apperently has not hurt it.)

3. I know very little about OC'ing. I do know that it will increase the temp of your GPU a lot if you go too high. If I use this hack on my card, and it works (that would be AWESOME!), will the default fan mounted on the card be enough to keep it cool?


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Cooling is the only issue in OC'ing. If you have more than 3 fans, or liquid cooling, then OC it. If you get artifacts, then clock it down. The issue is always cooling. It won't fry if it stays cool. 75mhz will boost it's temp up a bit, so you need to keep it VERY cool.

Follow everything, you should be good.
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