Need advice on a tricky setup

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Hi guys,

My first POST!!! =) Anyway here is my tricky situation

I need to give coverage to a pretty large area. One part is connected via Cat5 and the rest needs to be connected via wireless. Because the area is so large I'm going to have to use multiple AP (access points). One needs to be connected to the wired network in order to share the wired resources however my problem then becomes, 'how do I then share this wireless connection over a large area without using CAT5 as a backbone for the additional AP units. (I DO NOT want to connect the additional AP units to CAT5 then back to the switch)

I know I can use a repeater but from what I have read that will only work once... any more and it gets kinda pointless to use it. I am not clear about what AP-Multipoint mode does so is that possibily my answer? Or what about WDS (wireless distributed system)?

Please help =)
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