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hey all so im looking into getting a laptop for when im outta the house my budgets around 700 to 800 bucks

i like to multitasking and wouldn't mind using it for a few small games noting really intensive but i want a dedicated video card and i don't want it to bog down on me most laptops my friends have are just to slow for my tastes
asus,toshiba and cyberpowerpc are the top pics for me ;)

I've found great ones at newegg for your price range.

shall post them in a bit ;)
naw im not done with desktop i just wanna have a good laptop for when i go on road trps and when im outta the house thanks for the input its really helpful
^^ The Alienware does have a good dedicated gpu and won't bog down but the the screen isn't large at all. since it's designed for maximum mobility.
Hi there,

I agree that the Alienware could be a good choice but I understand that you may want a bigger screen. The Acer Aspire 5738DG 3D is another option. It has a larger 15.6" screen and ATI Radeon HD 4570 Graphics. It is also pretty light for a gaming laptop (6.2 lbs).

What do you think?

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