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Hi guys,

I've recently bought a new computer (AMD Athlon XP 2800+) and so the old one is on it's way out. We're selling it to a family friend and I thought I would format it and reinstall Windows so it's all fresh and nice, etc.

I removed a few of the applications I had installed and when prompted, restarted the computer. However, whenever the computer boots up there's an error message in Explorer. There's a file that I forgot to transfer to the new computer so this is all a pain in the... ;)

How would I go about reinstalling Windows 98 through MS DOS? I have a startup disk and all that.

Awaiting your response. :p
If you have the original Windows 98 cd, you should be able to stick it in the CD-ROM drive and tell your computer to boot from it (change the boot order in the BIOS to CD-ROM first). Once the computer boots, select "Start Windows 98 Setup" or a similar option.

If you dont liking messing with your cmos and you have the rescue floppy disk and win cd you can put the floppy disk in your A: drive then boot your computer and when asked start your computer with cd support.After it goes to dos you'll want to type the drive letter of your cd rom, it will move your drive letter back one letter so if your cd rom is d: drive it will be E: now.what i do to make sure is put the window disk in the cd rom then type E: dir that is if E: is the drive letter just to make sure i have the right drive.Then just type E:setup and hit enter. Hopt this helps. Pat S
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