Need a New Powersupply

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Mom's laptop works fine on the docking station, but not plugged in. So took a voltmeter to the cord from the powersupply and it's iffy, when you bend it changes around. Told her I could just cut it off and get a new plug but she just wants a new one.

Problem is I'm having troubles finding one in canada. There's a store here but its $100 and will take "a week or two" to get here which is a bit too long. Anyways its an HP Compaq nc8430.

Found one good site but it was based in the UK and didn't have any express shipping option so that would've taken a while as well. HP Compaq nc8430 AC Adapter|nc8430 Charger/Power Supply and that looks like the right one.

Would the Canadian NewEgg site work? Not sure of the shipping / cost, but it's worth a try.
Checked those sites :p They don't have the exact same one, but I'm guessing another one with the same watts, amps, and stuff would work fine?
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