Need a hard drive

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I my self prefer WD, but that is only because I have never had a problem with them. I have a total of 4 HDD and all of them are WD. 2 40GB, 1 20GB and 1 80GB.
I own a Maxtor POS (40gb 5400RPM) I really dislike that

But I also own a Western Digital 7200RPM 80gb HD (8MB Cache)
This thing is a beautiful thing, I highly recommend it. :)

Western Digital 80GB Special Edition is what they call it
WD all the way.

But anything but IBM Deathstar is ok.
Both are equally good. Must have at least 7200rpm. I would go with the one that has the best price. I bought a Western Digital 7200 rpm 200GB hard drive from best buy a few months ago for $205 after rebated. The best price that i've seen out there is $1 per gig. If you want to go to 10,000 rpm or 15,000 rpm then the size shrinks and the price rockets up.
For a GOOD quality hard drive you should have:

7200 RPM
Atleast 80 GB
8mb cache is superior over standard (2mb) caches

It is almost as good as a 15,000RPM drive! and doesn't get as hot.
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