Near Death Experiences


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Have you had any near death experiences? My one would be...when i was 2 i had a sirius case of pneunomia.


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i mean unless you consider, riding 4-wheelers at like 60 miles per hour, b/c if you fall off, then you could die


Got Pushed into the road, casing my head to be about 1 cm from a 50mph car.

SHIT MY PANTS and kiked the shit out of the kid who did it.

O well, i ahve had loads, jumped of Roof on ma Suspension and landed on a fence, nealy got me stabbed.

Lookey my bike got the fence in half 1st.

Ummm, Jumping Of House roofs, umm loads of shit, luky to be alive really.

Why live tho, we all living to die.

So i might just Hit the Plug one day because i dont care really.

Shit happens.


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lhuser said:
Mine would be a serious PSU zapping...some of you knows whast I'm talking of :p
Don't know exactly what u are talking about. But once I had an electric shock from my pc. I don't know what it's called in english, but it's the type that pulls ur hand, so u really can't take it off. I tried to pull my hand away but the electricity just pulled it back to my case. Too like 5 seconds before I could get my hand off. :)

It wasn't painfull or anything, just felt weird.

Near death experiences? Not really, unless u count it when a paintball hit me in the upper thigh with me having no protection. I mean, that was only like 4cm from death experience, must be close enough.


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Yeah, I've never gone paintballing, but it must sting a bit. have had alot

I haven't really had a near death experience... nothing I can remember anyway, though I've hit my head a few times on hard concrete. Can't call that near death though as I didn't have to go hospital or anything.


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Been hit my a car, and had a motorcycle accident...Lost a lot of blood

And check out the thread I made about this ages ago! Got lots more there


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xx cobra xx said:
PaintBalls Hurt I Bet
yes they do. Though mostly depends on where it hits, if it hits like ur fingers I don't mind since that happens all the time and u get used to it.
But then there are some sensitive areas, such as the obvious one (though I wear protection because I would like to be able to pee when I need to :D) then thighs (because usually u are on ur knees so the pants ain't loose) Then chest ofcourse, mostly because it's quite rare to get hit there so u don't get used to it. (nipple-hit is so painfull) And if it hits the neck it can hurt, most wear some sort of protection here too but I don't. Ohh, and if it hits ur ass it's going to hurt quite much too. (though this only happens when u are walking out of the field [after being eliminated ofcourse])