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Hi everybody...
I've a problem with my NAV.. I had NAV2003 installed on my computer but I had to uninstall it. When I tried to reinstall it didn't work, I couldn't scan for viruses and the auto protect (running in background) didn't work also..
please help, thanks in advance! :D

my computer specs:win xp pro,AMD PALOMINO XP 1500

ps. I don't want to format my pc, thanks..
Sorry to say but I had same problem.Tried all Nortons remedies from their support site but had to reformat.:(
I don't think a reformat is needed, but you do have to get EVERY instance of Nortons off of your computer. And when I say EVERY, I am talking about the registry too.

You will more than likely have to go through your registry and do a manual search. I would start with terms like: NAV, Nortons, Symantec, Antivirus, ect...

Hope this is helpful.
Sounds like you will have to do some registry crawling...Although there is software but for the life of me i can't remember it that will clean it for you........let me see if i can find it....
Use System Mechanic, should get it out for ya.
I was going to suggest that Ecniv, but I think some of the files are in folders that SM won't look in unless, it is told too. I will have to double check this.

I use SM too, and SM Mobile on customers PCs. Good software.
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