NAS / Server ideas


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I am looking for some advice regarding storage, and possible set ups.

Here's the scenario:

I have a PC and Laptop, both running Vista, and both connected wirelessly to my Sky router. The Router also has a printer connected to it.

Currently, I have a couple of the 500GB Western Digital My Book USB HDD's which I use to store my files, this is plugged into the PC. Unfortunately, I have run out of space so need some more room.

I am now going to be using the Laptop a lot more so would require either a NAS device to plug into my router, or a server.

The problem I have, is that the files i use are very large, bigger than the 4GB FAT32 limit, so the drive would have to be NTFS i assume? I have read a lot of forums stating that the NAS devices are only FAT32 and formatting them to NTFS would remove the networking capabilities of the NAS.

Does anyone have any suggestions, either server wise, or NAS wise? The NAS doesn't have to contain the HDD as i can buy these separately, but ideally, i don't want to spend a large amount on the device. I am open to the idea of running a server, but again, this would have to be a relatively cheap solution.