n00b harddrive question


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Well, heres my situation.
I had a p2 300mhz homemade system that ran the internet and played mp3s (thats all i used it for in my room) Nothing hardcore, just small amounts of surfing and mp3s playing 75% of the time.

Well the Harddrive got fried due to a virus.
My question is, What do i do to make everything work again?

Do i just need to get a new harddrive? Plug it all in, then reinstall windows 98 ( i dont need xp whatsoever on this machine) and it will work perfectly again?

What happens when you get a new HD out of the box, just plug it in, install windows and you are rolling?

Second question, If in fact this is all true and i do get a new harddrive, I need those windows 98 discs to install 98 on the new hd.

All i have is ME and im pretty sure it sucks. Does anyone have these 98 discs and would possibly burn them for me.

I would send cd-rs and shipping costs 100%.

Thank you very much.

PS does anyone have a old one they would sell?

I dont need more than 20gigs


If you say it was a virus, just reinstall windows again. Or if it did not total muck it up, you can scan it in safe mode with system restore off, with GRISOFT AVG (http://www.grisoft.com/us/us_index.php) this is free.

But if you wish to install a new HDD, you will need to determinate the correct jumper settings, detect it in your bios and then install your OS.

As for if you need to reinstall your OS at any time, ME pretty much will suck on your current system. My advice would be try to get a hold of win98 from a friend or buy it. No one in this forum will burn a copy for you, it is illegal.

As for old HDD's, i dont have any. I found it hard to find a twenty GB new, try ebay. Or go to a fleabit computer shop where all their stock is 10years old, lol.


Hey camers,
What do u mean by determining the correct jumper setting cos i am having prob connecting a hardrive....


As in..the jumpers in a hard drive..dude. You shoudnt be allowed to touch a pc lol. Nah you know what i mean..the wee plastic things?


Usualy, there is a sticker on the hard drive which tells you the formation. But in one case i had to search up a hard drive on google and receive the formations, very simple :D


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hay noob do you know how to use jumpers if not here.
on the back of harddrives there are these little things that complete a circuit, what they are used for is to basicly connect two harddrives at on the same IDE(integrated device electronic) cable. example harddrive 1st is on primary jumper setting, 2nd harddrive is on slave jumper setting.
did this help you noob?

hay Salvatiosix

when you first buy a "NEW" harddrive you have to fdisk (giveing the harddrive a begain ending and a letter) and formmat(prepairing the harddrive to be writen on) the harddrive before you install windows.

hope this helps


theres more advanced jumpers as that..37.5Gb cap etc and the famous im lazy so use cable select.

~mr mixx~

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on the hhd itself will have a sticker that shows where to put the jumper to master/slave/or cable select