n-speed wireless router recommendations?


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I want to buy a new N-speed wireless router to replace my old G-speed router. I was looking at bestbuy and they have a belkin, a netgear, and a linksys, for $49, $59,and $69 on sale, respectively. Should I just get the lowest priced one that is still a name brand, or am I missing something?
I want to be able to get a new dvd player and stream netflix, and I've been told I need to bump up to n-speed. I also get to work at home sometimes for the convention display company I do computer work for, and it would be nice to get a signal in the backyard (it's hit or miss right now). I currently have a D-link that works ok, but I remember it was tough setting it up...
So what are your recommendations on buying an N-speed wireless router? Thanks in advance!

update: I decided to get the Linksys E2000 from bestbuy. It has good reviews and is on sale. Wish me luck with getting it set up. :)


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For streaming, I'd recommend going hardwire. As for which brand, I'd do a little homework-- search the 'net for the models in question and see who has what problems with theirs.

Also, keep in mind that you won't get .11n speed if you don't have .11n wireless on your laptop.