My steam takes FOREVER to install games?


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Hi guys,

My steam installation time is really long for some reason, the actual download of the game isn't too bad (I only get around 38MB on wired connection so not great but it's all I can get in my area at the minute). For a 596MB download it's taking around 10 minutes (initially said over one year so I had to restart...). If I download stuff on my Xbox Series X it takes literally no time at all, especially at that size. I've put my PC specs below, don't know if it is anything to do with that? Would really appreciate your guys help :)

Also, see a current update on my steam attached. Why is it taking so long?



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According to the first pic I will assume that the download is already done, and the rest of that bar is the decompression taking place after the download is done. Either it's decompressing really slowly due to single thread CPU usage, or the there is a problem with the drive it's decompressing on. Other than that not much I can say about it as I don't know anything about the game itself.


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Hello! It's possible that your PC specs could be a factor in the slow download speed, but it's difficult to say for sure without more information. Here are a few potential factors that could be contributing to the slow download speed:

  1. Internet connection: As you mentioned, your wired connection speed is quite slow, which could be a bottleneck for downloading large files like games. If you have other devices using the internet connection, that could also slow things down.
  2. Steam server load: If many people are downloading the same game at the same time, it can slow down the download speed for everyone. This can be especially true for popular games or during sales.
  3. Antivirus software or firewall settings: If your antivirus or firewall is set to be overly cautious, it could be slowing down the download speed.
  4. Disk usage: If your hard drive is nearly full, it can slow down the download speed. Steam requires free space on your hard drive to install games, so if you don't have much space left, that could be a factor.
Regarding the update you attached, it looks like it's estimating that the download will take 10 minutes, which is not too bad for a 596MB download. However, it's possible that the estimate is inaccurate or that the download speed could slow down during the process.

If you're concerned about the download speed, you could try a few things:

  1. Close any programs or applications that are using the internet, to free up bandwidth for the download.
  2. Check your antivirus and firewall settings to make sure they're not interfering with the download.
  3. Ensure that your hard drive has enough free space for the game to install.
  4. Consider trying a wired connection if possible, or upgrading your internet plan if you frequently have slow download speeds.
I hope this helps!
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