My Soundmax is Corrupt. Please Help???

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I'm having problems finding and reinstalling missing drivers for Soundmax on my HP PC.

I was having a few weird things happen on my computer so I went fishing for the problem.

At first I was getting an error message: Soundmax currupt
when I clicked on the Soundmax icon in Control Panel.

I checked some forums and they suggested reinstalling Soundmax, but my computer wouldn't let me remove it in Add/Remove giving me an error:

OX80040702 missing file dll: adminchk

I finally found this forum and got to a link that let me download a Soundmax reinstall file: AD1888_5410 zip file

When clicking on the SM setup.exe it started reinstalling Soundmax but three fourths through got a error message: Missing file - but it did not specify which one.

How do I find missing drivers/files for Soundmax so that I can reinstall a combatible version? It looks as if Soundmax is uninstalled now because the icon is missing in the Control Panel.

Any suggestions?:angry: :angry:
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