My soldering iron has been preety helpful lately


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Well, I had to transfer a motherboard from a case to another as I am going to use the old case to build another PC for the lady who took in the old ECS.

So, As I transfered boards, I decided to remove the heatsink and reapply some new paste. Done. Reinstall all the stuff in the case, and...nothing. No post. Checked all the average IT guy would do. Nothing. I decided to take the board out, just to notice at the back, that a little microscopic chip from the northbridge has been snapped off! So, I took the little 1mm wide chip away from it. Couldn't repair this with hot glue.

So, I let it sit there, on the waiting list to go on the wall, and during the night, I decided that I will actually try to resolder that thing.
Tweezers are handy for such small stuff. So, with about an hour of fight, I got it back on and soldered back in. I hoped that it was installed right.

So, I put it on the phone book, in the test area, and I finally have the LED on and the three beeps saying that the RAM was missing (I didn't have any installed, yet.)

So, me, being all happy to have repaired the onboard CPU board, I put everything back in the case. It's now running and well.

So let's see...I repaired a 400W Smartpower PSU and a please