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You guys see all of my ratings right? I use the same scale of TechTV's Extended Play, and soon to become X-Play. Here is what all of this 5 out of five, 3 out of five junk means.

1- Poor. We cannot recommend this title under any circumstances. Be it shoddy design or game-stopping bugs, there are just too many things wrong with this game for one to even bother playing.

2- Fair. Not too much here to recommend. There is a small degree of fun, but the contents have been seen a million times before in other games. There are technical and/or design flaws that significantly hamper gameplay. Worth a rental and but only die-hard fans of the genre should consider purchasing it.

3- Good. Fun to play, pretty solid titles, with a few minor flaws. Most games will fall into this category. There is just little here to differentiate this title from the rest of the pack. The game lacks technical or design polish but is still quite enjoyable on the whole and will certainly appeal to fans of the genre.

4- Great. A fine example of gaming. Fun to play through and through. Easily one of the best examples of the genre. Very little is wrong with this title, but it fails to transcend its genre and appeal to every gamer. The game could have all the trappings of a five-star title but have one or two serious design flaws that affect gameplay, ie; prohibitive difficulty, problematic camera. As a result the overall endorsement of the game could have the enthusiasm of a five-star title but it just didn't make it.

5- Near perfect/Perfect. Five-star games are a rarity. This is a landmark title and even those who are not fans of the genre will enjoy playing this game. Some slight flaws may be present, but the ambition of the title and the amount of things the developer was able to pull off successfully more than makes up for any shortcomings. If games are indeed art, these are the best representations within the medium.

Well there you have it.
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