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I know it isnt much but heres what i call the mini tower of blue death. I call it that because its a mini tower (sort of) and blue death casue my Bigger computer has blue LED fans like i just put in this one. when i mentioned my project in my last thread this is what i was talking about.
System Specs
PentiumMMX 233mhz Socket7
256mb PC100
Voodoo2 SLI (yes SLI lol)
Nvidia Riva128
SB LIVE! 5.1 w/ livedrive (i just put it in after i took the pics)
48x Creative CD-ROM
2.5gig WD cavier (spell?)

*heres some pix to laugh at

heres the front

heres a better pic of the inside

yes thats a modded thermaltake heatsink lol. and i have a Blue Antec fan in the side (look hard you can see it)
Since we're kind of on this topic, how does a fan like that thermaltake heatsink fan work on motherboards?
well actually the fan isnt ont the mother board, its on an adapter that goes straight to the 12v connector from the power supply that i got from my smart fan2. i tried looking but you cant see it in those pics.
actualy it still is a monster on the right games!:D Dont think the SLI part is workin right but i have no way of telling really. thing is actually quite fast really for the cpu and type of ram im using. I liek it and it sits next to my big machine waiting for me to play Descent and warcraft2 :p
and as you can clearly see i have the cable too!:cool:
u should try to run quake with one card and see how it looks and performs and then add ur second card see if it performs any different or looks different :D
you could probably run 3dmark01.....that'll give a decent result of overall system performance.......for testing solely the graphics cards you could TRY 3dmark03, but honestly I don't see it being able to run it very well at all.......but atleast that way you might be able to tell if the SLI is actually working
You really think it would run 3dmark01? I didnt think it would so i didnt bother putting it on there and i seriously doubt it would run 03 lol.
if your building a custom spec, i would put the best stuff in there, obviously unless your on a budget, and then you have to be carefulo what you buy!
This is just a screw around thing, of course im not buying the parts cause they are just laying around for me to use. If i was building a bigger system that i actually buy parts of course i would have (or try) the best parts.
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