My pc wont start up


Beta member
Hi my pc wont boot up. im on a laptop now. My pc has Windows ME on it.
When i press the power button to turn my pc on it goes through the system information and then goes to a disk scan and says "improper shut down checking disks for errors" then it goes to the login screen i login and it make the jingle but the only thing there is my desktop backround. Please help me :confused:

~mr mixx~

The Candyman
1st of all, i would when you get a chance. get a copy of Windows XP, it will be alot more stable than WINDOWS ME. second you can try this: when you log-in and it goes to just the backgroung from your desktop.

hit the CTRL + ALT+ DELETE keys on the keyboard, when the task manager window pops up, do this: click on file on the top left and scroll down to NEW TASK. once that you have that click the browse button, and go to the WINDOWS folder, and look for the windows explorer.exe file and click it, then hit the enter key, and it should bring up your desktop & all of the icons too.

Good luck.