My new Wireless Earbuds

Yannick Fermin

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I just bought a new pair of wireless earbuds, the QSY QS1/T1C (seems to have to different names). They worked perfectly for a week, but two days ago the volume suddenly went down significantly. With my phones volume being at the max, you van barely hear any sound.
First I thought that I accidentally dropped down the volume of my earbuds, so not the media volume of the phone but the volume of the earbuds. With other Bluetooth earbuds I could adjust the volume of the earbuds separately from my phone. I tried to push the buttons in all the possible combinations but the volume won't go up. When my brother played music through the earbuds with his phone at max volume the sound was extremely loud.
So the problem had to be caused by my phone, but my other Bluetooth earbuds work just fine with my phone.
I have tried all kind of booster apps but they don't influence the volume. I also tried the app Headset Button Control to find a way to boost the volume of my earbuds, but it doesn't react either.

Has anyone got an idea to solve my problem, or does anyone happen know how to boost the volume of the QSY QS1 with the buttons on the earbuds?

Thanks in advance,
Yannick Fermin


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What phone? iPhone or Android? What version of OS?

Did you go into your sound settings and adjust the individual volume(s) for Media separately from ringtones/notifications?