My New Toy !


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Damn Dan that's awful. Has to be a major screw up from the medical profession.

Did I say medical profession ?? What a joke they are.

I'm not feeling so hot myself. I'm in pains but their hands are tied from giving me enough drugs because of laws.

Might as well face it Dan, they want us to die off.


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That's ok. It's my thread and you're welcome to all my threads. :thumb:

You know, we are baby boomers and a big drain on the system as we age. Soon it'll be over with.


Sorry to hear both of you are having medical issues. Sincerely hope things get better for you before they get worse. Try to keep positive!

Wallaby Dan

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Woke up this morning feeling like my lungs were being pulled out through my mouth!!! I don't think I can get over this without some major surgery on my lungs! I have oxygen and that helps. I'm sticking around to see what they are gonna do next. I guess I will find out. When I find out I will let you know. Thrills...


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Too bad my Acebeam K65 was a bust and I'm still waiting on the refund (due by tomorrow). Anyway, on the CandlePower forum a member posted in my thread what he believed was the bang for the buck.

It's the BLF-Q8 which is the light modded by the nerds at the Budget Light Forum (BLF) and manufactured by Thorfire. Very impressive indeed, capable of 5000 lumen and 70000 candela.

Now he tells me. :rolleyes:

It's for $45 at BangGood site (a steal!) but my bank will not allow the deal because it's based in China. Amazon has an upgraded model for $65 so I ordered it there. It'll be here tomorrow.

Gotta love Amazon. :D