My New Toy !


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I have a trusty Nitecore P36 (2x18650) flashlight that serve me well. Ten Lumen settings from 2 to 2000 that make it very useful.

But I need more power! :eek:

The new light, Acebeam K65, was on sale for $120 (was $200) uses 4x18650 batteries. It's a beast!

The light and the batteries came in today. :dance:



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Turned out to be defective so I filed a return. They said I'll get a refund in a few days but don't return the light.

Some of the functions stopped working and it smelled burnt. I took the batteries out and put it back in the box.

Wallaby Dan

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Haven't said much about how the surgery went on here.
I have more pain since the surgery they fused 3 discs. Not sure what happened for sure but i now have Hep A & B. and i have a collapsed lung on my left side. Its lower lobe. I am on Oxygen and all kinds of different meds and shots what a mess of crap!! I'm tired. I don't have any energy I do the water changes with the help from Deb and Robert. I bought one of those Python water change kits that really makes it so easy on me. I have the layout with the trains. I have the fish tank, Movie screen with cable and also internet. This computer is just over a year old. I have shakes in my hands and arms. Have a very difficult time using a mouse. I haven't been on any of my forums much as i am just wiped out. I can drive but with the health issues i can't travel wit the rv anymore. I think i will be saleing my 5th wheel. it needs work done and so does the truck. I am too weak to even do a oil change. This all started after the surgery!! I am wondering about suing that doctor and hospital. Am holding for now to see what else i have. They are drawing Blood enough to almost need a blood transfusion! How is this gonna end? I have no clue. They have Meds to take care of the Hep A and B. I might have to have surgery to re-inflate the lung. If they can i might be able to go off Oxygen. This is going to be a on-going issue. If i get news i will let you all know. Sorry to bring bad news but If i stop coming here it might be for a bit or if i am in the hospital , it could be hard to stay in touch. I have scans of the lung and Blood tests and all kinds of junk!! Will let you know how all this crap works out. Later all