My new logo/Desktop image


Golden Master
Hey, I haven't really experimented with making many desktop pictures, but I decided to make one today.

I even created a new logo for myself :D :

Its made in Photoshop of course :p


Golden Master
Thanks :)

The logo reads KD (full name initals) by the way, if you can see :p

That vortex type effect was actually created by about 5 seperate circles, starting small getting bigger. Then with a few blurs, radical blurs, stretch blurs, a few colour corrections (increased Contrast), and wahla.

The logo itself did read KD fully, but I made a mistake, and added an effect that did that, and I liked it :p

Ronco Rox

Fully Optimized
thats really cool, it looks like it would go well with ur avatar that you have now. where do you learn where to make like abstract figures like that in CS2? good job thought

Half Evil

Golden Master
Thats pretty tight. What tools did you use?

I have an idea, but I cant check, because im not at home with photoshop

pc trade post

Daemon Poster
man, thats really cool. i wish i could do stuff liek that with photoshop. all i can doo is stuff like messing with people's faces and stuff. nice work.