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Hi, i was wondering if you dons can help me check if these are compatible:

Shuttle XPC SN21G5 Aluminium Barebones System - AMD 64 (Socket 939)


AMD X2 4400+

Corsair 2GB DDR XMS3200PT TwinX (2x1GB) CAS3 (MY-039-CS)

A matched pair of 1GB XMS3200PT memory modules - 2GB total - ideal for dual DDR motherboards. Memory timings of 3-3-3-8.

Asus GeForce 7900 GT/2DHT TOP 256MB GDDR3 TV-Out/Dual DVI (PCI-Express)

HDD and CD-rom i am sure will work.


Will a 250watt psu be enough, i have read they are enough tho.

Also i have specially chosen the gfx cause it cools the memeory chips, is it good.

Is the ram ne good, i dont understand low timings.
Its all compatible but you will need a good PSU with atleast 400W. I would say the Antec True power 450
dont buy barebone, 1 u spend more money, 2 u dont need to. the only difference is that the motherboard is installed for u, which is really ez, and if u can install teh motherboard u'll have no problems with anything else.

this is what you want

MSi k8n neo4-f
Antec case, any, but NO CASE THAT COMES W/ PSU!
antec smartpower or a TruePowerII
AMD x2 4400+ or Opteron 165 or opteron 170
G.Skill, or OCZ, or Crucial, or Patriot, or Mushkin, or Corsair 2x1GB dual DDR400
Western Digital Raptor 36gb
Western Digital Caviar 200GB
NEC 3550A
eVGA 7900GT KO
Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic
But, I'm sorry to tell you with a powerful setup like that, a tiny PC is not going to do it for you. You'll need a good size case with atleast a 400 watt power supply(atleast).
yeah id play it safe and go with 480 or 550 watts and make sure it has alotta amps on the 12v rail you could put the psu on the outside of the case ??
yea the 250 will have no chance at powering the video card you deffinatly want to get a bigger case that will have a better format to accept a powersupply with more juice. The case doesnt have to be a full or mid tower though it can be something like the silverstone LASCALA which is still small but can support full atx parts unlike the shuttle. You will probably want at minimum a 450 watt psu the 550 antec would be perfect

In terms of the mobo and cpu go with an asus something like the A8N and a 64 bit athalon

for a little more money you will get a much more stable board and the ability to upgrade with vista.



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