My Modem

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My Modem is broken.

It is not recognizing my cable. Not recognizing any cables for that matter. But My dad's computer will work because he has a wireless card. I don't know if someone spilled something on it or what. But it has four ports on the back and none of them recognize cables. I've tried unplugging it and you know that little green light that turns on when you plug a cable into it? Well those stay on for a while then they turn off. ..and don't work again.

When I got home my brother told me that the internet just stopped working :p I don't know, what do I do?


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the cable modem... hmmm you could go buy a new one a best buy or where ever. you could also try resetting it, and see if the cd has an emergency restore thingey. also make sure your comps arn't set for dynamic ips and the router is set for static ips.


I would just your call your ISP and request a new modem to be sent out you. Tell them the one you have is malfunctioning (if they cant fixitover the phonethey usually send you a new one) ;) However, if it's your router then you will need to buy a new one.

Curious, is this ADSL or cable?