my modded case with window

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This is my case. I know that you have probably seen better but this is my first mod so i am pretty proud of my self. I am planning on adding some cold cathodes in about a week or so.
What color cold cathodes should i put in there and how many should i put in there?
here are the updated pictures. I just got done organizing the wires. It is a lot better than it was.


First time Looks GREAT!!

On the wiring,, You are able to purchase(inexpensively) wiring harness/covers from any electric supply company, they come in various colours and offer a nice, clean, finish to the insides,, they are like a woven cloth,,

On my case mod, I have red with white flecks in them,, my cathode is black light, and when on the white flecks glow,,

further,, the cathode I have has a function where i am able to have it flash to the rhythm of music if i am playing cd's/MP3's,,,

Did you attach an acrylic cover in your window on your tower,, I cant see clearly in the pic?

Great Work Neb!
nice!!! clean the wires further, know..tuck them at the back or side. how many cooling fans do you have running?
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