My latest upgrade


N. Calif.
A month or so ago, I bought a new 4K monitor (Dell S2817Q 28"). I was surprised when my ancient ATI Radeon 5770 gpu supported it at the full resolution of 3840x2160. I don't game so that gpu has been fine for me for 7 or so years.

However, I noticed that the fans on the gpu ran at full speed quite often, especially when viewing a video full screen or when running a VM. The other day the gpu actually overheated and shut the system down. After a short cool down period I was able to boot the system fine but decided then and there I needed to get a new video card because the gpu was struggling to handle the high resolution of the monitor.

According to Speccy, the gpu temp was 179F at idle and would quickly go up to over 200F with any type of load.

Since I don't game I didn't want to spend big bucks on a high end card so I read some reviews that gave good marks to the Nvidia GFX 1050 gpu. I was able to get one from Amazon for $138 (same day delivery).

I'm really happy with the card so far, the fans on it haven't kicked in at all so far which is good news to me. I ran the Unigine Superposition benchmark and it scored 4935 which, when compared online, placed amongst a bunch of systems equipped with 1080 gpus. The temp got as high as 61C (142F) which is fine as far as I'm concerned, the fans didn't even kick in.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the gpu.