My last RAM question...I hope.


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Thanks for the info on my last post. I have come up with one last question about RAM. Will purchasing 2 new 256 sticks with the same clock speed be better than purchasing a 512 and using it with the "factory" RAM. Once again "a friend" asked this and I wasn't sure what they were talking about exactly. My laptop is a hp ze5240. Thanks in advance for the info.
sure will be better if you buy the 2X256's. you get more speed out of them, being that the ram can seperate the work amoungst themselves, rather then using just one stick, doing all the storage. think of it as 2 big medium sized boxes vs one huge one. you can find objects in the 2 medium sized boxes faster then the huge one, but the huge one takes up lees space in the long run (only takes up one RAM slot in the case of the 512). compare the advatages and disadvantages, but the 2x256 wins. ;)