My laptop turns off within few seconds from startup


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On my Acer / Aspire 15 laptop's Startup, (it's installed Windows 10) it attempts preparing automatic repair by itself, but turns itself off within few seconds.

I've already tried F4 in order to boot into safe mode, though unsuccessfully - It looks like the laptop cannot read F4 at that early stage; the same thing happens with Shift F8, Shift F10 and Win R.

It happens to be, that F2 & F12 are enabled; so, for example this way, I can now access the Windows Boot Manager's first screen. However, after I select Option #1, the system attempts that, but again the laptop �� turns itself off within few seconds.

I can see the battery looks OKAY ��!

So , please, do you know any tip (or have any suggestions maybe) for me, that may help me boot my laptop into Safe mode with Command Prompt or boot it from USB or boot it to any other advanced Startup option?

In advance, thank you so much for your time and help.


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Everything indicates that your Acer/Aspire is completely corrupted. There is only one thing that helps, it is full clean and up to date software installation. There is absolutely nothing to fix or repair.
Before installing is also recommended to reflash/upgrade BIOS and if You heve BIOS/CMOS battery older than year, it is also recommended to replace. Only if it's voltage in working regime is 3.2 V or higher, not needed to replace.
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